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Infant Massage

Research reveals that high levels of joy and caring touch between a parent and child helps to wire the brain to form emotionally healthy neruopathways, resulting in a life-long ability to develop emotionally intimate, empathetic and caring relationships. Infants who receive FirstPlay® experiences early on gain an inner sense of security and esteem which—as they grow—help them to better calm and self-regulate their own emotions.

Janet A. Courtney PhD, LCSW


Benefits of Infant Massage

  • Increases the parent-child attachment and bonding
  • Creates a fun time each day of intimacy between parent and child
  • Caring touch releases the calming and connectivity hormone oxytocin, while at the same time lowering the stress hormone cortisol.
  • Teaches infants the sensation of relaxation
  • As they grow, they learn to gain a sense of internal self-regulation and their own ability to calm.
  • Helps to create deeper and more sound sleep
  • Increases oxygen and nutrient flow to the cells
  • Helps with digestion and bowel elimination
  • Increases the joy within the relationship
  • Teaches your baby about caring positive touch, respect and personal boundaries
How do you demonstrate the massage techniques?

Janet demonstrates the massage techniques on a doll model. You are the one that does the actual massage with your infant.

What if I have more than one infant?

You can have another caregiver(s) present who can learn the massage techniques and participant in the sessions.

What if my baby is not in the mood for a massage at the time of the session?

Massage sessions are scheduled for the prime time when your infant is in a “quiet alert” state. Some times that are best can be late morning after a nap. You can also learn the massage movements at the time of the session and practice at a later time when your infant is ready.

Where are the sessions held?

The sessions can be held in your home or at Dr. Courtney’s private office in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. This will be discussed during your initial introductory telephone conversation.

What ages is this infant massage program geared toward?

Although you can introduce massage at any age in childhood, these sessions are meant for infants ages 3 weeks to 10 months old.

When is the second massage session scheduled?

Both sessions are scheduled at the time of the initial telephone appointment and are usually set one to two weeks following the first session.

I am a working mother. How will I have time to massage my infant?

You will find that a massage session only takes about 10 to 20 minutes of your time.

I want to do this program, but I am not able to get off work during daytime hours. What can I do?

I offer groups on Saturday mornings.

What if I know of another mother with an infant that might be interested, can we have a session together?

Absolutely! This is encouraged and this lowers the cost of the sessions for you.

What if I want to put together an infant massage group with some other parents?

Groups can be organized up to a maximum of six parents. The program rate adjusts depending on the number of parents.

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